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ATS panel

ATS Panel features

For emergency power in buildings,

an Auto Transfer Switch (ATS Panel) is essential.

ATS Panel can automatically transfer load from main power to emergency power without operator intervention. When the main power fails or voltage drop below 80% of normal voltage, the ATS Panel will start the emergency generator, after a preset time of 0 to 10 seconds (adjustable). At rated speed, the panel will transfer the load to emergency power with available size ranging from 32A to 4000A. There is a switch suitable for every project’s need.


  • Mechanically held contactor & Breaker
  • Optionally 4 or 3 pole
  • Rating range from 32 to 4000A

Types of ATS Panel:

ATS Motorized Type:
Automatic transfer switch consists of Motorized breaker (MCCB/ ACB) electrically and mechanically interlocked as per the regulations and standards of local Authorities SEWA/ DEWA/ ADDC/ FEWA.

ATS Contactor Type:
Automatic transfer switch consists of 4 pole/ 3 pole contactors mechanically interlocked to transfer the load automatically.

ATS Changeover Type:
Automatic transfer switch consists of Changeover (Automatic) 4 pole/ 3 poles motorized to transfer the load automatically along with the option of the manual bypass.

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