Synchronization panels are mainly designed and used to meet the power system requirement. These panels provide a manual and automatic synchronizing function for one or more generator breakers up to 32 generators in parallel; they are widely used in synchronizing generators and offering multiplexing solutions.



TECHNOPOWER has more than 18 years of designing, supplying, installing, and providing turnkey solutions for hundreds of projects starting from customized single generating unit up to a group of generators synchronized together with different plants capacities by using the most reliable controller provided by Deep Sea. These solutions include both LV and MV projects.



If you are looking for a solution to get a stable and reliable source of electricity, you are in the right place. TechnoPower engineering team is ready to make the best synchro panel design for you whatever the number of generators you have and ship it to your site location. Our logistic team is ready to ship this synchronization panel to any location worldwide.


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