We at TechnoPower have a professional maintenance team consists of expert engineers and professional technical staf. Our prompt and professional response to your request is one of the advantages which disinguish TechnoPower team.

Your electrical generator should be serviced by a professional at least once each 3 months and the oil & ilters changed during that ime. For sure this depends on the number of operaions hours.



Some of the tasks that should be performed as part of an our maintenance schedule include:

  • Changing the oil.
  • Changing the oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter.
  • Flushing the cooling system.
  • Performing load bank testing
  • Inspecting the control system.
  • Creating and maintaining the synchro system for any number of generators.
  • Configuing and maintaining the Deep Sea control panel.
  • Inspecting the electrical system and wiring.
  • Changing the spark plugs.
  • Test transfer switch.
  • Cleaning the generator.

TechnoPower provides a maintenance contract for your company. This will help you to be sure you are in the safe side and leave the maintenance and the follow up for your electrical generators are our daily tasks.  
To get more details about our maintenance ofers and our services, or to schedule a visit from our technical department to evaluate your electrical generators, please contact us at: support@technopowergroup.com