The Automatic Transfer switch is utilized in all installations where switching is required between two sources to ensure the supply of loads in the event of a failure in one source.

For buildings requiring emergency power, an automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a crucial component. The ATS enables the seamless transfer of electrical load from the main power source to emergency power (Generator) without any manual intervention.


TechnoPower specializes in the design, assembly, supply, and installation of various types and capacities of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) and MTS (Manual Transfer Switches), including intelligent ATS equipped with the DSE 335 CONTROLLER from the UK.

The available sizes range from 32 A until 4000 A, and the types and options offered are extensive, including but not limited to:

  1. ATS and MTS for One Generator and Main Power (CONTACTOR TYPE)
  2. ATS with a bypass switch and MTS for One Generator and Main Power (MCCB/ACB MOTORIZED TYPE)
  3. ATS with Cyclic auto system and MTS for Two Generators and Main Power (MCCB/ACB MOTORIZED TYPE)
  4. ATS with auto Cyclic system between two Generators and MTS.


TechnoPower engineering team has a solution for any ATS or MTS design that you need.


If you have any inquiry, required design, or order is related to ATS or MTS, please send an email to :