technopower team


TECHNOPOWER GROUP is a leader in supply of power generators and providing complete power solutions in Middle East and Africa.
Founded in 2008, TECHNOPOWER GROUP quickly grew to become one of the leading companies that designs, manufactures and distributes power generation equipment, from diesel generators to portable generators, SCM wood machinery, ATS and synchronization panels, Deep sea controllers, spare parts, water pumps, UPS’s and air compressors. We are leading the way towards a new future through innovations and passionate about delivering excellent products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations that’s why TECHNOPOWER GROUP, we work round the clock, making sure you get the electricity you need, whenever you need it – all powered by our trademark passion, unrivalled international experience and local knowledge. From urban development to unique commercial projects and even emergencies, we bring our expertise and equipment to any location, from the world’s busiest cities to some of the most remote places on earth. Quality is the Key to a great Productivity so as TECHNOPOWER!