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Deep sea controller

Deep Sea Controller Type and models

Deep Sea Controller generator is one of the best products which provides by Techno Power Dubai , Here are the available  modules and options for deep seas

    Manual/ auto start control modules                                    (MS/AS)
Auto mains (utility)control failure control modules        (AMF)
Synchronizing and load sharing control modules          (LS)
Engine only control modules                                             (E)
Lighting tower control modules                                       (L)
Expansion modules                                                              (EX)

deep sea controller 5220, 7420 and 7310 manual are provided by techno power group – Dubai 

A range of Modules of Deep-sea controller panel for engine applications

Deep Sea Controller batteries and chargers

A range of battery chargers and power supplies for industrial applications

Battery charges                         (BC)
Intelligent battery charges     (IBC)
Power supplies                         (PS)
Self-seeking power supplies    (SSP)

Different  modules and specifications are already been controlled by the new technology which made it easy for any human to benefit as much as they want with more power resources.

Auto Transfer Switch (ATS panel)

 A range of modules for automatic transfer switch control and

all provided by Perkins Dubai official re-seller

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    i need to know the cotation of deep sea 8610.
    give price and modality of payment.
    how many time can you give me to receve if i buy?
    my quantity is 20 pcs.

    24 November 2017 @ 1:19 pm | Reply

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