Training is an important investment in every engineering field, and it is crucially important in the diesel engine powered applications as generating sets and water pump set; this is not only limited to decrease the downtime of generating set that may be used in critical application (hospital, security point, production line) or water pump that supply water to a village, but because of the fact that the lack of knowledge may lead to technician serious injury or even death, and for the machine it could lead to big damage that may cost thousands of dollars.



Training is the right key to open the doors of experience correctly and quickly, and consequently it is key for success for employees.

  • It is important for sales to give the customer the right product and right options.
  • It is important for purchaser to understand the balance between price and quality in selecting the product.
  • It is important for operators to make the correct assembly and testing of product.
  • It is important for technicians to do the right installation, operation, and service of machine within recommendations and stipulation of manufacturer.



TechnoPower Training academy assists our valued customers to have the correct training courses that they need.


Generating Sets
Generating set familiarization
Selection of Generating sets
Installation and application of Generating set
Basic service of Generating set (plz specify engine models)
Deep Sea Electronics
Installing and programming a DSE module ( specify the needed module)
Communication capabilities of DSE modules
Parallel operation of diesel Generators using DSE8610MKII
Understanding capabilities of DSE embedded PLC (Basic and Advanced)
FPT Diesel Engines
Familiarization FPT industrial range of engines for Off Road application
Operation and maintenance of NEF Mechanical engines
Operation and maintenance of NEF Electronic engines
Operation and maintenance of Cursor Electronic engines
Familiarization of alternators
Alternator rating
Operation and maintenance

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