5 Important Steps Before Buying High Quality Generator Cummins perkins generator

before buying any generator Cummins and perkins generator

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The most important 5 steps should be implemented

about Generator Cummins,Perkins : The importance of electricity and energy resulting from which we use in all areas and daily life from the toys and even the largest industrial enterprises through the generators of nanoparticles even giant in size and capacity, so we find in the shops and markets of generators such as Cummins and perkins generators of many types and sizes are available in different capacities Starting from the low used in the houses or shops and the medium used in small companies or hospitals medium and high, which serve in major companies and factories and all this according to your needs and also multiple types of generators Chinese and even leading English generators such as Cummins or Perkins.


To buy a generator for sale that meets the needs of your company or home you have to take some steps:

First: Calculate the size of the electrical power of the generators of

the Cummins and perkins generator that are already invoked:

By collecting and calculating the number of watts of the instruction label on each machine you have and calculate it so that 1000 watts is equal to kW.

Second: Choose the type of generator you want to buy or rent: –


Permanent Generator, Backup Generator

Third: Determine the faction of the generator: –

There are two types of generator closed: provided by Techno Power, which is silent and does not produce any noise and is available in different capacities (normal / automatic), characterized by a cooling unit and warning when the end of the load and when the increase load and safety fuses.

The open electric generator is also provided by Techno Power of the world’s best brands ( Cummins, Perkins and its electric power range starting from 9 kVA to 2500 KVA).
Fourth: Selection of manufacturer Brand Perkins and Cummins: –

There are many brands and manufacturers of generators, there are generators of poor quality, such as Chinese generators and there are high-quality generators such as generators such as English  perkins generator, cummins generator English


Fifth: Selection of the supplier / agent accredited to your country: –

There are many traders to sell generators you can buy through them, but you must be careful to choose the trader so as not to regret after that if you find a problem or defect in the manufacture will be expensive for you because the generators of expensive goods so you must choose the trader with great care and keenness

It is best to choose the authorized agent in your country from the manufacturer of the generator to ensure maintenance services

For example, Techno Power, the Perkins generators agent in Dubai and the generators of Cummins , provides the lowest prices generators for sale in the UAE. Moreover, the most competitive offers to rent generators in Dubai, in addition to the free services provided for routine maintenance and routine cleaning campaigns and maintenance of complete faults.

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Availability of spare parts for generators such as perkins spare parts

One of the most important things to check before purchasing a generator is to check the availability of its spare parts, so Techno Power provides all perkins spare parts generator in the UAE and many Arab countries, because of the increasing popularity and use of perkins spare parts
Because in the event of any malfunction in the generators will stop production speed and therefore will lose a lot of money and time to look for spare parts required, so it is important to find the generator, which has the spare parts easily, such as perkins spare parts

Why Choose TechnoPower UAE?

For the most important reasons, the size of the company and its branches in the Arab world (Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Saudi Arabia)

Authorized agent of the largest English companies in the world in the manufacture of generators “Cummins, perkins generator ”

Quality and warranty after-sale service and maintenance includes the maintenance of the routine and routine and preventive and complete faults through a team of skilled engineers fully aware of the product and know how to copy original spare parts and add generator and spare parts for free once a month

In addition to the services and solutions to rent generators at the lowest prices in Dubai and all over the UAE

If you intend to buy generators for a new project, TechnoPower will conduct a comprehensive survey of the place and collect all the information about the location geographically and space as per the standards and engineering items and supply the project with all accessories from the control panels such as the plates of CNCRU or DPC panels or mechanical switch, fuel tanks and all materials and accessories With skilled engineers and installation technicians.

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