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Techno Power – UAE

Techno Power is a pioneer in design, manufacture, and import UK assembled diesel generators sets, ATS panels & Synchronizing panels, Cummins generators, Diesel tanks, full solution for Rental power, Perkins generator and Complete range of Deep-sea controllers made in UK and world leader in the provision of power generation solutions ensuring power is provided whenever and wherever it is needed.

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Why Techno Power?

  • Customer needs are meeting on time
    The company’s policy is to stock a complete range of KVAs of generating sets with their spare parts in order to provide customers with whatever they need, whenever they need it
  • All the products are made according to the highest international level Each diesel generating set is strictly inspected and tested under variable load and certified by the technical department
  • Cutting-edge technology
    Techno power keeps to improve and innovate its products and generator services and co-operating and co-developing with its brilliant partners as what it has been doing
  • Highly skilled and experienced engineers
    Our highly trained service engineers have under extreme conditions succeeded in maintaining the generator’s full reliability and thus guaranteeing our customers trust and comfort.
  • Quality service
    Maintenance: techno Power has professional maintenance teams of electrical and mechanical engineers that effectively carry out regular maintenance programs as well as quick response to round the clock on-call service and ensure efficient power delivery from every diesel generator we sell.
  • We always provide proper maintenance and follow up services and We have developed our maintenance service center to include a wider scope of maintenance, operation, and services.
  • On-site support and technical training is available for clients in the Middle East & Africa
  • Techno power is committed to provide high-quality service to assure all your power needs under any circumstances, We are committed to be stable and scalable all the time.
  • Generally, we provide diesel generator, light towers, synchronization panels, ATS panel and Cummins generator to meet any requirements at all industries.
  • We are seeking to achieve continuous success at any place, no matter where your business is located, we work hard to sustain your business needs.
  • Techno Power has professional engineers and technicians dedicated to deliver a reliable service level including Generator installation, maintenance, spare parts and after sale service. we concentrate to make them proud of dealing with us.
  • Techno power products are designed efficiently and manufactured according to the highest international standards, We conduct the quality assurance system and test all our products before the selling process to make sure they are ready for use.
  • Techno Power is capable of executing projects with different specifications depending on the customer desire and purpose of the project, Therefore we are implementing all types of fuel tanks buried underground or on the surface of the earth and large ones with large capacities to fulfill our customer`s energy needs.

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